Third Menai Crossing


Welsh Government’s announcement earlier this year to scrap the Third Menai crossing project as a result of their roads review was bitterly disappointing, after the long-called for project was given the green light in 2018.

It’s clear that we need to build resilience and safety into our transport network across the Menai strait.

With no plan in place to truly address the need to address the issue, and no ambitious alternative to dealing with the problems we face as a result, we are calling on Welsh Government to look again at the only feasible long term option – a third crossing which would increase capacity and build resilience into our transport network.

Anglesey is immensely proud of its island status – but we cannot afford the risk of being isolated.

Do you agree that Ynys Môn needs a third Menai crossing to ensure resilience and safety? Sign our petition calling on Welsh Government to reconsider their decision to cancel the project!


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